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In this article I will detail my experience with going against the infamous Demon Task - putting 6666 demons out of their misery. The task started in November last year and took me until around the end of February this year to finish.

Some Task Details

I played on a Royal Paladin (level 202) and my weapon of choice was Royal crossbow + Prismatic bolts at the beginning.

After a few hunts I changed to Warsinger bow + Crystalline arrows to get a higher average damage output, but also because Warsinger bow gives one extra SQM distance (7 SQM, as opposed to Royal crossbow which has 6 SQM).

Moving on from there I used Divine Missile (exori san) and at times Divine Caldera (exevo mas san) to clear out summons and do some extra damage to demons. The average money spent on each hunt was 110k, and each hunt lasted about 2 hours (enough for me to use up my 2h stamina bonus). The majority of hunts were done with stamina bonus almost the entire hunt, towards the end it would go back to normal exp.

The tasks were done at any of the two yala spawns under hellspawns/plagues.

I spent a total of 166 hours on the hunt - which is equal to 6.92 days of non stop hunting. My average demon kill rate was 40 kills/hour (note: many times I usually hunted right before SS, which is a slow respawn time). Also, this task was done on the optional PvP game world Secura.

To Make Money you need to Spend Money

As mentioned, I've spent around 110k on each hunt, which includes:
  • 550 Strong Mana Potions (44k)
  • 70 Strong Health Potions (7k)
  • 100 Great Spirit Potions (18k)
  • 1700-1900 Crystalline Arrows (34k)
  • 1-2 Energy Soils (~3k)
  • 9 Life Rings (~5k)
  • Soft Boots (2 hours=5k)

Total: 110-115k

Some of these items were purchased off the market (e.g. spirit and health potions). Also, some people may choose to use only SMP - it's just a matter of personal preference, really. I don't feel like healing constantly, which is why I also bring a few GSP, as well as using exura gran instead of exura.

The chart belows shows the money spent, gained, profit, and average profit over time. The horizontal axis shows what hunt, while the vertical axis shows the money.


Profit or Waste?

So here comes probably the most interesting part of the article: How much was the overall profit? What was the highest profit? Biggest waste? All these questions will be answered below ;)

Here are the total statistics:
  • Total Hunts: 85
  • Total Money Gained: 14 418 010
  • Total Money Spent: 9 073 090
  • Total Profit: 5 344 920
  • Total Monthly Profit: 1 931 898
  • Highest Profit: 313 200
  • Highest Waste: -33 570

During this time I gained a total of 24 levels, going from level 202 to level 226.

The chart below shows the average profit over time, going from a top 64k to a low 38k and on average 64k:


Since each hunt lasted around 2 hours the average profit is 64k / 2 = 32k per hour.

I looted a total of 8 MPAs. I've set the pricing of MPA to 150k (on non PVP game world Secura).

And at last, the reward from the quest: Demon legs, Thorn spitter, Spellbook of ancient arcana, or Rainbow shield. I chose a Thorn spitter. Since these items are very rare the pricing varies a lot from world to world. The profits I've listed above do not take into consideration this rare item, only the items that have dropped from demons.

However, let's say the price of Thorn spitter is 10kk - this means each demon in the 6666 task will give you an additional 1.5k gold - compare this to the average drop value of 2k (according to wikia: Loot Statistics:Demon). So if you take into consideration the reward from Demon Oak Quest, the drop value by each demon is 1.5+2=3.5k (minus the money spent on killing each demon).

The Unfortunate Deaths

During my hunts I died a total of 3 times.

Death #1: Plaguesmiths and Hellspawns

Probably the most stupid death I've ever done, and I have had my share of stupid deaths. Not only did I forget to change the hotkeys (from what I had on my EK), but I also somehow managed to forget to refill my mana before running by the HSPs/Plagues. Naturally, one of the plagues paralyzed me; during this time I realized that I couldn't heal, but not only that, my mana was almost empty! A free trip to the temple, to say the least.

Death #2: Power Out!

This was not really caused by my stupidity, but by a power out. When was that? It was on the morning of 31st December. It was gonna be a good day - start of the morning with some demon hunt and end the day with some beer and a nice steak. But instead I found myself to die due to a power out. That could have been expected during new year's eve, but oh well...

Death #3: Freeze of Death

Yeah, this is one of the more annoying deaths that happens from time to time. I rarely have lags or freezes, but this day I was right in the middle of one. Out of nowhere I had a 10 second freeze as I was luring a demon and had him at red. When it all came back to reality the screen glared at me with the vicious message that no Tibia player ever wants to see: "You were killed by a...."


At the end of the day, 6666+ demons were slayed and the demon oak was destroyed. My item of choice was Thorn Spitter - an item that I proudly show off in my house.


If you have any questions regarding the task, or have done the task and want to share your experience with doing the 6666 task? Let us know in the comments below!

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    • Created: Dec 29 2013
    • By  Guest

    omg bro, you did not know that if u use a blessed stake in the body of the demon u could get some dusts demon?? ... lol ... haha
    anyhow nice tutorial form are very useful information ... enjoyed

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    • Created: Dec 25 2013
    • By  nils  

    Yup ur right, sorry >_<

    I confused demon essence with demon dusts! Probably because of all this winter stress :P

    So yes, demons drop demon dusts if used with blessed stake. But I do think the price of demon dust is very volatile between worlds.

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    • Created: Dec 23 2013
    • By  Guest

    Hi, Thanks for the quick response.
    My char is pally too (lvl 268)

    about demon dusts, no they don't drop them but you have to use a blessed stake on them in order to get the dusts :)

    don't tell me you didn't know that xD

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    • Created: Dec 23 2013
    • By  nils  

    It was a while ago I did the ask, but I think it's around 420k/h exp with bonus exp, but it also depends on your vocation and on what time of the day you are hunting there.

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    • Created: Dec 23 2013
    • By  nils  

    With the amount of supplies I brought with me, I could hunt for ~2 hours, enough to waste double exp. During that time I would kill approx. 80 demons.

    You need to make a mark on your map so you can maprun your way there. It's not dangerous as long as you have full mana/health and exura gran san while maprunning. Just be careful the first time you go there.

    Demons do not drop demon dusts. The most profitable items dropped by demons are giant swords, fire axe, and demon shields.

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    • Created: Dec 23 2013
    • By  Guest

    Can you tell me how is the exp there (K/h), please?

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    • Created: Dec 23 2013
    • By  Guest

    Firstable i'd like to thanks you for this amazing article that you did, its seems you hunt just like me (2 hours, trying to take advantage from bonus).
    I'm planning to start this quest as soon as I get lvl 270+.
    So.. according what I've read, every hunt means 80 demons killed, right?
    I have a couple doubts about the way to get there. are not dangerous all those plaguesmiths and hellspawns??
    other thing... I thought demons huntings were more profit than that. (because of the demon dusts)
    Anyway, thanks you again! like I said, a Wonderful and helpful article. :)

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    • Created: Nov 09 2013
    • By  nils  

    For a level 170 paladin, I'd say the best tasks are either hydras/serpent spawns/medusae (in Banuta or Goroma); or Ghastly Dragons (with some great loot at the same time).

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    • Created: Nov 09 2013
    • By  Guest

    Whats the best task to get to 100 points the FASTEST, I have a lvl 170 paladin and I'm at 40 points ;[

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    • Created: Mar 09 2013
    • By  nils  

    ty martin! =) this task gets really boring after 4k~ kills, i know some ppl that have started the task and take a break from it at around 4k out of boredom. for the next article i will write about ghastly dragons, a very profitable hunt!

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    • Created: Feb 27 2013
    • By  martin  

    Congratulations nils! this is a big achievement and intresting numbers there :D i hope someday to finish the task myself :) !!

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