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Release of Beta 1.1

nils    (Apr 30 2012)      0          369
Categories: Updates

The day has finally come! Today is the official release of the Beta version 1.1. Here's some updates relating to this release:

* Added support for leaving feedback
* Added support for Most Tagged Characters
* Added ability to search many characters by separating each character with a comma
* Improved look and feel for Upload Images
* A cap of 20 tagged players added to Upload images
* A cap of 1.5 MB added for guest users and 2.0MB for registered users
* Added support for reading and writing comments on images and news articles
* Support for searching tagged players in images
* Added support for associating an account with characters
* Improved looks for character tables
* Only registered users can change look and feel of website now
* Added support for editing images
* Added support for adding skills to characters
* Changed URL for images (e.g. /image/filename.jpg instead of /image/getimage/full/filename.jpg)

Keep your eyes open for the next beta release, which will include: image compositions, ability to add mounts and outfits to characters, community pages, comment flagging, and much more!
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DDoS attacks

nils    (Apr 27 2012)      0          405
Categories: News

As perhaps some of you know, the tibia servers have been heavily DDoS:ed these last couple of weeks, which has undoubtly lead to the character deaths of many of you. CiP has realized this and starting from server save tomorrow everyone (both PACC and FACC) will be able to acquire free blessings until the problem with DDoS has been fixed. They also plan to compensate for these problems by having a double exp week or similar.
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