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Uuuuhhh, when was server save now again? :S

nils    (Feb 06 2013)      0          570
Categories: How-to

Maybe you are new to the game and doesn't really know when the server is saving, or maybe you have seen people ask this a lot on english chat?

Well, we have just the solution for this! We have devoted an entire page to showing how much time is left until next server save.

You can view the Server Save page here.

So the next time you see someone asking about server save, be sure to send them this page!

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Welcome to Tibia Hall of Fame!

Pitt    (Feb 03 2013)      0          430
Categories: How-to

Hello, dear user!
If you're reading this, that means you are just getting started on our new fansite webpage, in this page you can post your Tibian adventures, the screenshots you want to share with the whole Tibian community! Isn't that AWESOME?
Well now... It is my job to inform you that are reading this something, If you create an account in this website, you may add aditional information such as:
-Character Name
-Character Information
-Character Mounts
-Character Outfits
-Character Addons
-Character Skills
-Upload Pictures/Screenshots
And a lot of another cool things as well,
So as an Admin of this page I must say, thank you for paying us a visit, and feel free to create your account now :)

Important Note: Please don't post spam images (such as continuous images of your personal outfit/mounts collection); you won't get banned but it causes slight spam and it's something that's already featured in the character pages.

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