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Winners, losers, and the weirdest of 2015: Part 2 - The weirdest

nils    (Jan 12 2016)      0          1581
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Weirdest of 2015

In the previous installation of this series we looked at both winners and losers of 2015.

In this article we will instead look at some rather strange behaviors in Tibia. Let's get weird!

o.O o.O o.O Player who has changed sex the most o.O o.O o.O

This year's winner in the category of players who's had the most sex changes is Tai Yong@Secura with a total of +12 sex changes in 2015.

However, last year's winner, Potrosh@Olympa, still remains the all time winner with a total of +13 sex changes in a given year.

We support you Tai Yong and accept you just like you are. What matters is you are happy about who you are. :)

banner_own.png Player who has changed guild/guild rank most frequently banner_other.png

Some players just can't stick to one guild. They are free spirits in the Tibian world. The player that has changed guild/guild rank most frequently in 2015 is Xalusz@Morta with a total of +42 changes. Xalusz has been a member of a total of 19 guilds and has had 18 different ranks.

^^; ^^; ^^; Player who has moved worlds the most ^^; ^^; ^^;

Why stay in one world when you can examine a bunch of them? These nomads move from world to world. What are they looking for? Will they ever find what they're looking for? Well, ask Duu Mito@Unitera who has moved between a total of +8 worlds in 2015, from Pacera -> Luminera -> Calmera -> Honera -> Unitera -> Magera -> Calmera -> Magera -> Unitera.

Player who has changed vocation the most

The player that has changed vocation the most in 2015 is Don Afga@Neptera with a total of +17 vocation changes, alternating between Knight and Elite Knight. Don's new year resolution should probably be to buy one year's premium, it will save him a lot of time and money! Just saying ;)

<3 <3 <3 Player who has married and divorced the most <3 <3 <3

For last we have saved the holy coupling between Tibians, in marriage. Except in this case it's not quite holy! Some players fall in and out of marriages almost out of whim. Or maybe they have a reason for this?

The player...
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